so long but yet so short..why r girls so difficult

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well its been 3 days 3 whole feels wierd i have mix emotions bout it toooo......uh ill tell ya wat happned if ya listen....on saturday of last weekend i went to a party and while i was at tha party i realized that i...well idk wat i realized i guess the fact that me and my bestfreind isnt the same anymore and it hard on my cuz my therapist said im sentivie watever that means...well anyways i told her i need to talk to her and that im serious and to not blow it off or anything or play around cuz if she did i was gonna be mad..well on monday at lunch i was talkin to her and startin to tell her wats been goin on well the bell rang and we had to go..i told her i would rite it to her in a on tuesday i went over to her table( cuz we sit at different tables) and i try to give her the note and she says i dont want come on i was like wat the FUCK so i slam the chair under the table and leave..well i havent talk to her in as u guess 3 days and so i dont know wat i feel about it i havent talk bout her in 3 days eithers....i found out she hasnt talk bout me and me being mad at her so i guess it means she doesnt care well...i have no idea wat to do but to jus say fuck it but how do i let go of someone i loved so damn hard???...wat i cant get over is the fact that she doesnt care...she saposed to care and she dont...i..we had this problem before and she sed she did but well...i guess all im thinkin bout is this quote its not wat u say, it wat u do that defines u........uhhhh


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I'm sorry things aren't going

I'm sorry things aren't going that great. I'm gonna feel stupid saying this, but I'm like your friend you're talking about. When I get mad at someone I refuse to communicate with them in anyway. I don't know if she's like this too, but when I'm mad or something I just like to stay away from the person. I let the explosion die down and then I'll go on acting like nothing happened. Maybe she's like that, maybe she's not. I don't know her to tell you. But if she's like me, just give her space and give the fire time to die down. Sorry I can't help you even more.
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