Something Just So Beautiful..wait a sec!

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today i was sitting on the back of my car at the mall and i saw someone that was just so beautiful.i watched her get out of her car and go inside the mall...i think my sociology teacher has made an impact on my life(all i do is observe now). anyway this girl looked familiar i don't know but i sat on my car five more mins(i had been there for 15)waiting on my girlfriend to show up and after she didn't i just went inside the mall.after walking around a while i see the girl again and this time i think she noticed me.she smiled,i smiled back and kept on walking..when my girlfriend finally showed up,i realized who the girl girlfriends little sister(my eyes hurt now) there is nothing wrong with my girlfriends little sister,its just that i have know the litte burger since she was nine and she is sixteen i can't believe i almost found her the least bit attractive.i need to remember what she loooks like outside her snobbish cheerleader ring of friends(from school) and her booty short obsessed style(while at home)i have never seen her in regular clothes,that you know are normal. she looked just like her older sister...scary!


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Wow, that's kinda scary. But

Wow, that's kinda scary. But I bet it'll be hilarious, looking back. =)

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