Standing in the rain like a fool.

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That's me. Well, actually, part of the time I was walking backwards and talking to myself while it was pouring but then I saw lightning and decided to come inside.

Now. It's not like me to go outside in the rain for the pourpuse of being in the rain. So I'll tell you why I was out there.

Okay, I'm taking a shower right? And my dad tells me that Sora (My crush/ BFF) came by, and that she's walking around the block. So, naturally, I move at 5 times my normal speed and rush outside to catch up with her. And then my heart drops. She's crying. She hasn't noticed me yet so I call to her and run to her. She tells me that she got in a fight with her stepmom. (They were taking a walk together.) And we begin walking back towards my house. Her stepmom tells her that she's gonna be in big trouble if she keeps walking and I'm totally lost and don't know what to do so we just keep walking. Her stepmom tells her that she's in trouble and says she's gonna talk to her dad. But I'm not sure what happened exactly but we walk back in the other direction.

I try patheticly to comfort her. And she starts crying. I put my arms around her and she tells me that she's afraid of her stepmom leaving. (we're still walking by the way.) She says that her dad dosen't smile much but he smiles around her stepmom, and because she grew up without a mom and now she has one. I think she's being a little paranoid considering their wedding was not too long ago. But I know what it's like to be paranoid over something. So I tell her that I don't think that would happen.

She also tells me that she's been thinking about suicide and running away. I imediatley tell her that I'd be VERY upset if she killed herself. (Truth is, I'd totally shut down. I'd loose all abilty to think or do anything if she died. Just the thought makes me cry.) She hugs me and says that she could stay at my place. And she's welcome to, (It's really weird though. But I sort of know what she's going through. And I'd take the blame for hiding her too.) but I'm not going to try to make her mind up for her.

She's cold. So we walk back to my house and go to my room. We talk a little, she smiles, and I notice she's wearing that ring I gave her. (I gave her a mood ring a few months back because it didn't fit me anymore and she liked it.) She says she came to see me because I make her feel better, and we talk a little. Her sister calls and tells me that Sora has to go back home. She complains, I walk her halfway back to her house. (I'm not allowed to walk her home for some odd reason.) and we say goodbye.

I head home, trying to keep from looking back. And I decide to go on a walk. I'm near her house and I see her dads van pass by. (He was at work.) his van stops there for a little while, and then it drives down the street and stops in front of my house... And Kim is in front of it. She came back to see me. Wow. Actions speak more than words I guess? Well, she gets in the car and the car sits there a little while, meanwhie, I head back towards my house.. Or towards the car. But I feel like Zenos rabbit. (That's probably not how it's spelt but I could care less.) I get near my house, and I feel like I'm going to pass out. 4 feet from the car and it drives away. So I sort of just stand out in the rain.

And then I pace in the rain.

And then I sit in the rain.

And then I walk in the rain.

And then I laugh at the rain. (Well, it was pouring at that point. Which was funny because I told it to pour and then it did.)

And then I see lightning and run back inside.

Yeah. I'm sort of torn right now. She came back to see me even though she was in so much trouble. Wow. I really, REALLY want to tell her how I feel. As in, right now. Of course I don't realize this until after I have no idea how long it'll be until I see her again.

But I have this feeling that she's going to want to talk to me. Sora's the kind of person who does something when she wants if the feeling is strong enough. (Which is actually what gets her in trouble with her stepmom all of the time.) And well. I just hope she cheers up. I can't stand it when she crys.

Well, it's good to know that I make her happy. Now here I wait until my next chance to see her.


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making people happy by just b

making people happy by just being you is always fun, good luck on talking to her

hugs, luck, and peace

So when you're asked to fight a war thats over nothing
Its best to join the side thats gonna win
No ones sure how all of this got started
But we're gonna make 'em God damn certain how its gonna end