Stupid Choices

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Everything was going just fine for me until I just had to give in to the temptation of my friends and drink!First off I have never had a sip of alcohol in my life nor have I done drugs(I live above the influence).But Saturday everthing went down the drain.I went to a party,got drunk and made some bad choices.I was like the worlds most experienced yet unexperienced drunk at the party.Dancing all over guys and girls(most of whom I go to school with).But what did it was when I realized that I had made out with the stupid sophomore girl who has a crush for me,funny part about it was that she wasn't nearly as wasted as I was and she knew I DON'T DRINK!But I guess she figured "oh what the hell,this maybe my only chance to kiss her".STUPID ME,why did I have to listen to my friends and let loose,why did I give in.But whats worse is that I did alittle drunk dialing to my girlfriend that night,which spilled over into school today.School was hell for me today,everyone had heard about me making out with the sophomore and just being a slut(totally outta character).Now me and my girlfriend are having huge problems,she won't talk to me or look at me."Her ex's" kept giving me the you are soo screwed looked and followed her around all day,being there in case she needs a shoulder to cry on!Fuck a duck,and to make matters worse,one of them gave me something to think about as I sat in detention today,after she slammed me into the lockers at lunch.Yeah and well thats all rampaging I feel like doing now,I might have more after I'm done deleting my hate mail from cellphone."Sigh"so sad!


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All i can say is that when yo

All i can say is that when your around other people who are drinking you tend to get pressured into tight situations.My sister and me went to her friends house and i was even put under pressure to drink and smoke and it's hard to be in that kind of a situation when it's like you don't want to be the party pooper of the party.I guess you could say that we learn from our mistakes

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Don't beat yourself up so much for getting drunk.I think everyone goes overboard and gets drunk and does the stupid thing from time to time,but hey at least the next time you are in a situation like that you will know better how to handle it. I hope you can sort things out with your girlfriend.*hugs* and good luck.

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thats sucks. try making her

thats sucks. try making her a mix or put like poetry in her locker or something, youve got a lot of sucking up to do.I feel so bad for you achohol can really fuck people up.Good luck with everything!
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