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Alright, I sucked it up and came out to my best friend today at noon. OMIGOD I'm so happy, haha! She's perfectly alright with it and has sworn not to talk to others about it until I'm okay with it and have let more people know.

*Happy Dance of Victory*

Also told my OTHER best friend, hahahaha!! She was urging me to hurry up and say it 'cause the bell just went and class was due to start in 5 mins. SO I BLURTED IT OUT, With NO warning, and without cushioning it AT ALL...Well, first she sorta screamed with shock, just a short little "WAH!!" sorta deal, then giggled and was FFFIIIINE with it.

So I was EXCEPTIONALLY giddy, giggly and totally unfocused all afternoon.

It was GREAT.

I also told that friend of mine who's gay. And we were talking and turns out he's BI not gay LOL he's married to a guy who's gay....WOW oh god I laughed so hard.

Said guy is, infact, my mentor of sorts, teacher, guide, friend etc. etc. So thank heavens he's Bi (or gay as I thought at the time LOL) it was the easiest to tell him.

and now for a celebratory hollaring...



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Wow, amazing. I'm happy for you!

Coming out is so liberating, isn't it?

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congrats, fellow queer one!

congrats, fellow queer one!


i know you hear me...i can taste it in your tears

28:06:42:12...the tangent universe awaits...

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No one can make you feel inferior without your consent-Eleanor Roosevelt