That's weird.

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I've noticed that my dad acts a little strange whenever Sora is around. Because she's always hugging me and stuff. But he didn't always act strange like that, only since I came out to her. I found out why recently.

Yesterday, I started crying, because I want to tell Sora how I feel but I'm scared. He asked me whats wrong, so I told him... And apparently he thought I told her already, when I came out to her. And apprently he didn't notice that he was acting weird either.

But really, that explains a lot. *laughs*

Anyways, I'm in a genrally good mood right now. I've been feeding my KH obsession all day. Hehe. Looking at KH fanart while eating junk food cereal and listening to the KH2 soundtrack all day = *heart*

And the 3rd episode of Death Note is just as awesome as the first two. And I showed Sora episodes 65 and 66 of Card Captor Sakura because she didn't belive me when I said Toya and Yukito are gay. When they so are. It's so cute though!

What am I talking about? CCS is like the definition of cute! :o

And don't watch bad sci-fi movies... They rot your brain. Actually, some of those weren't even worthy of being called sci-fi. And that's pretty bad considering that we use that as a term for bad tries-to-be-science-fiction movies. Haha.

I got the Sims 2 a few days ago. It's pretty awesome. I even made some KH charecters. Well, Riku, Sora, and Kairi. Because I could. Gotta love the Sims. =D One of these days I'll make a neighborhood called "destiny islands" and stick a bunch of KH and FF chars in there... And the Yagami family (Death Note)... Just because it'd be too cutesy without them in there. XD And because I love my Death Note.

Yes, I'm just going on about random stuff. Nobody told you to read all that. :O

Oh! "Dearly Beloved -Reprise-" is playing! It's so pretty! *heart*

Done now.


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Death Note

I just started to watch Death Note but it kicks ass I can't wait untill they come out with the 4 one. FF and KH both rock

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death note is my new best fri

death note is my new best friend.

***love the number 7***

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