The best lesbian movie ever

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Loving Annabelle ( is the most recent production of director Katherine Brooks ( The story is about a Catholic School teacher’s romantic affair with a student (Annabelle). It’s a very tasteful and realistic story that has won a number of awards in recent Lesbian and Gay Film Festivals across the US, UK, and Germany, it even gathered an award in Barcelona. Director Brooks is now working on her next project: Mad World. Fans can access and, and join a growing community that actively participates with Katherine in chatrooms, forums, and blogs to comment ideas for the new movie’s music, cast, and script. In the next weeks, the new site will be available for anyone who subscribes freely to be witness of the making of the movie.

copyrighted material: Katherine Brooks/ 2006

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where can i get it?

can i download it from the internet?
is the movie new? it looks like it's a great and must see movie....

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From what I've seen and read, this movie seems awesome. It reminds me of me and my huge crush on my 7th grade science teacher. Yeah, she's blonde too and she looks a lot like Simone(teacher in movie).
I really really want to see this movie.

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