The Song is all around us

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Wind chimes release tones of intrigue
From their cylindric cores, alive
Their bodies shaking with alarm
At the sound of their own discord
Collaborating metal strikes
Against the hollow alloys that
Release strange specters at contact
Awakened by metallic charm
And the wind’s blust’rous fist, enraged
Manipulation by the chimes
Like venom, seeping to its core
Yet soaring among far airwaves
Entrancing hearts of yearning ears
With clanging operas, clearing fast
From echoes of their solitude
Distinct until they crash and burn
In bonfires of forgotten hymns
That chant “do re mi” till they die
And “hallelujah” sing the chimes
Struck into lazy orbit by
A vengeful wind with fingers swift
Which run along a trembling Earth
And with a vagrant chillness strike
The architecture of our flesh
The steeples of our fingers and
The fragile temples on our heads
Surrounded by a sea of chimes
And drowning in their tender grace


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you do know ur kinda amazing, right? seriously

she's the mistake i would always gladly continue making

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just had to say thats brilliant!

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