There should be a title here, but nothing comes to mind.

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Uh..yes, first entries are always...awkward, really.

A'right, start with the basics..18yrs girl, yep that's a good start..Oh yeah, best part, confused! For a long while now I've been thinking...


this is hard for me to talk about for the time being, so forgive sugarcoating. Its not for your benefit, but mine..

To hell with sugarcoating, saying it quick may be easier...I've been thinking for a long while about my sexual orientation, and I'm thinking I'm bisexual now. I see some girls that are good looking, but boys around here too.

So emotionally I'm a bit off kilter now, and would love to get some advice. There's one person in my area I could talk to because he's, a very good friend of mine and (bonus, considering) gay, but I'd rather get my thoughts in order first before opening up about this to someone I know, you know? I'm nervous about this, 'cause a few of my more (uber)religious friends have spoken out about this sort of thing and it comes across as blatantly...not comfortable with it. But they're good people..I've had trouble with friends before for diff. reasons and am incredibly afraid that if I make up my mind and am bisexual thatI'll lose the largest and best group of friends I've had.

Anyway...I go oggly over male celebs (heheh, ye-eah) and have been noticing that I sorta..think about some girl celebs as well...

Am I just all dilusional, or might there be sommat behind this?

Eeeh..*wails amongst jumble of emotions*


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hello, hello. no your not dil

hello, hello. no your not dillusional, just confused, it happens. :points to self: i can understand about being afraid about your friends; most of my friends are blantantly unhomophobic and i'm still a little afraid. and tho its nice to know whats going on before u talk, sometimes its okay to vent about confusion; i bet your friend would understand. one of my straight friends knows that i'm confused and is okay with it, so its not always the worst thing

hugs, luck, and peace

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