They never said it came with disappointment

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"Variations on a Korean Folk Song" is running through my mind. As much as I hated band last year we played some pretty amazing songs.
Memories can be a painful thing. Life never comes at you as you plan. Your dreams at being famous and forever remembered are gone and forgotten. I miss the easy times of preschool, you always knew what you were to do, nap time was after lunch, arts and crafts were before snack time.
What happened to the plan your parents carried for you? Grow up, become sucessful, marry rich. We disappoint them. We can never live up to what they want for us. Pathetic, the lot of us. We shant live up to the impossible requirments set before us. High school gave us drugs, sex, and parties, we are taught that individuality is something we all strive for, hypocritical teachers tell us we can be anything only to go home and tell their children what they should become.
As I came out to my family I could how disappointed I was making all of them. I wasn't the good Jewish girl, I hadn't been, my mother is a Catholic, I was reborn three days after my birth so I would be a jew. Jews aren't gay, Catholics aren't gay. I miss being young and innocent, life was easier when they ran my life.


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Woah, there. I'm a gay Jew an

Woah, there. I'm a gay Jew and PROUD. Jews are actually very accepting of Gays, if you aren't orthodox. One of the people who works at my synogouge is Lesbian; another is Transexual. I know 3 gay Jews besides them. So it's all good. =)

Be yourself. Because if you're busy being someone else, then who's gonna be you?