Three words, so very hard to say.

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I saw Sora again today. You know, that girl that I'm in love with that I can't stop thinking about or talking about? She's my best friend. And she came over again today.

So, we watched some anime, and talked a little, and acted genrally silly a little. At one point she was on my lap and I had my hands around her. (Long story, I don't like it when she's on my computer all of the time when she's over here, so we were sort of fighting over it, and it ended up she was holding my hands around her so I couldn't log her off using the keyboard and she was on my lap because... She always does that.) Even though my leg really hurt it was so comfortable. Haha.

Anyways, I've been wanting to tell her how I feel about her for a while now. (Especialy since a few days ago.) I wanted to talk to her, I actually asked if she wanted to go on a walk but apparently she's not allowed or something. :( It's so much easier to talk to her when we're outside. Mabye I should have suggested going outside for the sake of being outside but I didn't.

And so it's nearing time for her to go, and I start hitting my head against the wall in frustration. She asks me what's wrong. I tell her that I'm stupid. (It's a thing. When there's something I want to say or do but can't, I start beating myself up and calling myself stupid... Yeah.) By the time she has to leave she has asked me why I think I'm stupid, and if I could tell her, and so I tell her that if I could tell her why I thought I was stupid then the problem would be solved. She told me I could write it to her or something. But I dunno. She has no school Tuesday.. I think it's Tuesday. So she'll be over, she told me. And if I don't tell her then I'm probably going to explode. I mean really. It took me hours to get to sleep last night, and I just...

Okay... I'm done now.


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its always really scary to ta

its always really scary to take that big of a risk, you'll get your courage up eventualy. just think through exactly what you are going to say and why your saying it. it maybe tough afterwards or it maybe awesome, but just remember to, yet again, hang in there.
i'm rooting for you.

hugs, luck, and peace

So when you're asked to fight a war thats over nothing
Its best to join the side thats gonna win
No ones sure how all of this got started
But we're gonna make 'em God damn certain how its gonna end

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I really really hope it works

I really really hope it works really does seem like she feels the same way though, she might just be more afraid of what that means for her.