'Tis a Trap

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That very day we met
Despite how fast we bonded
You still unknowingly
Through this genuine friendship
Set me this trap

This trap is fatal
Yet having no reward
Only the lust for a fantasy
A fantasy that stemmed from void
In which drew me closer

So odd I approached a trap
When what I could have is within my grasp
I consciously let myself
Fall for your temptation
Denying myself of truth and danger

Yet when I was caught
Tears accompanied through my loneliness
I was happy
Happily engulfed in this pain
Heartily indulging my misery


The day you left me
For another prey that you have caught
Pain finally seeped through my soul
Blood drenched red my broken heart

I'm stuck here left to die
Like I did to the many I have caught

I blame you for my pain
Blaming you for setting me this trap
Blaming you for my own actions
Of letting myself walk upon it
Knowing I can't have what is upon my eyes
Knowing I will get hurt

Yet when you caught me
You never needed to catch me
You didn't want me
It was meant for someone else

It was all a trap

(Argh, I might polish this up a little bit some other time... me gona sleep now)