Today was awesome!

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I went to an Anime club-thing today. It was weird that I saw a couple of girls that I haddn't seen in two years..(We wen't to 7th grade together, but I stopped. She didn't really remember me at first. Not that I really expected her too.) I thought they might be there, but I wasn't really expecting it. And I made a couple new friends, she was just randomly showing me her art, and I saw a picture of Xigbar so I'm like "Xigbar! Yay!" And we started talking about Kingdom Hearts. And we played this Naruto game. I played Haku and lost to Zabuza. :( He's so mean! D: And what's funny is that wasn't the only Haku vs. Zabuza fight. Hehe. And it was just totally awesome. Sort of like a mini-anime convention minus the pocky and the cosplayers. Hehe.

And, also, I'm reading Geography Club. I love it so far. You should read it if you haven't yet. :)

Also, I was walking, and this bug ran into my lip... Ewww. That was kind of gross, almost as gross as an old bag of cheaddar flavoured popcorn. Heh. (It was funny though because we were just talking about eating bugs. Hehe.)

And you're probably wondering. I haven't spoken to Sora yet, but I'm not doing anything tomorrow, and she's normally free wensdays as well. So mabye I'll see her then.

Also, I rearanged my room, since winter is coming and it'd be a bad idea to have my bed right under the window. Hehe.

And apparently, I'm going to the anime convention anyways. My dad is like forcing me. He's gonna make me go and make friends there and stuff. Heheh. He's trying to make me get over being shy. But oh well, I'll buy pocky and I have a friend who wants a pocket watch for an Edward Elric coustume so I can get one for her there since I owe her something anyways.

And yeah, this is all REALLY random stuff. Hehe, sorry.

Also, I've been watching "Strawberry Panic!" a bit. It's kind of weird. But not as weird as Revoultionary Girl Utena. But whatever.

I'm going to just like, wait to see what happens between Sora and I. Like everyone said I should. Yeah...

Done now.


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Hehehe... wh00t for Edward po

Hehehe... wh00t for Edward pocket watch. When my friends and I went to otakon, the second day we had really crappy costumes. one friend was Winry (we have a picture of her trying to open a pocket watch... with a key, and attacking a random ed cosplayer. I photoshopped a wrench into the pic.), other friend was Barry the Chopper (not the armor version) and I was Al. I actually just took a paper bag and drew an Al face on it and walked around with it on my head. My sister was a lameass and dressed as a normal human being. Very strange, at a place like otakon.

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Alas I would kill to have a d

Alas I would kill to have a dad like yours, my parents lock me in the house during con season. Um why buy pocky at a con when it is much cheaper at the asian market.

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Because they only have chocol

Because they only have chocolate flavour at the asian market. And strawberry if I'm lucky. Heh. (The local asian markets are either lame or Indian. Heh.)