Today's my birthday

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I can officaly say im 14. Now i wont get weird looks when i tell people that im 13 and a freshman.Plus I look much older than a 13 year old cause of my height.I love the weather right now its rainy which puts me in my best mood.i guess todays gone okay it jsut doesnt feel like my bday at all.

My dogs whining is driving me crazy im going to go play with him. peace.

P.S. remember to set your clocks back


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happy birthday that whole

happy birthday

that whole set your clocks back really messed me up...

***love the number 7***

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Happy birthday

Happy birthday. And yesterday I got up an hour earlier than I had to! Accurse youy clocks! Actually it gave me time to get my english coursework done

"Fear leads to anger, anger leads to hate, hate leads to suf-fer-ing"

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happy Bdae~~

happy Bdae~~

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Happy late 14th b-day which h

Happy late 14th b-day which happens to be right before mine. =D

I'm a freshman too (I think. >_>) but I'm homeschooled so I get looked at funny anyways. XD