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Well, my best friend moved about 2-3 weeks ago...let me explain. I share a locker with her, because she only has one class (in the morning) so I use her locker...a monday a few weeks ago, I get my hoodie out third period because I'm cold, and I find a note that reads something like "Taylor, please get your stuff out of my locker--I moved in with my mom and enrolled there, so I need to clear out my locker. I'll be in touch. -Kate." Needless to say, I'm shocked...I don't say another word during Latin class (which is my favorite class), and the next period is lunch. I just go to the library and cry in a corner. I had a lot of anger and resentment for a while, because she and I are supposed to be really close (she's more than a friend...more like a sister). Well, I finally accepted it, and we hung out last weekend...and I was fine until two days ago. I don't know what happened, but something just clicked. Last night, I saw that National Treasure was on HBO, so I put it on. Then I remembered that I saw it 4 times in theaters with Kate...and I started crying. Then, this morning, I find an old Jane's Addiction album...I'm fine until it gets to the song "Summertime Rolls"...which was our favorite song...and I break down into tears. I just don't know what to do...I guess the gravity of losing my best friend has hit me. I mean, she's only 40 miles away, but I have seen her once, whereas before we hung out literally every day. I really miss her, and I don't know what to do. I'm very elitest, and I don't make many friends...there are maybe 2 other people that I consider close friends, and even they aren't as close as Kate is/was...I'm so lost...


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oh dude

Hey sounds like you're taking it really hard and I don't blame you, having your best mate move away sucks. Just keep in touch as much as you can and let her know how much you miss her. Try and think of the good times you've had with her and it'll make you smile (hopefully). It will hurt less over time. Who knows, distance might make your friendship grow stronger.