Tricky Boy

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The Muse in Black steps up to the Mic
and seated gently strokes the keys
His breath is caught
his eyes are Locked
but still
he's cool, has to stay cool
as he takes a Drag
and his pipe-smoke
tangles with her accent.
Such a Dark Beauty, he says,
with tortured lyrics filling floor to ceiling.
With rising lights come courage:
Come away with me, he whispers,
I can cease the sorrow.
Tricky Boy, she smirks.
Tricky, Tricky Boy.
Don't be so cool, you try
so hard so young
to be a Man, you're in
too deep.
A sheep in wolf's clothing,
led by the machine
to think you're too good
for childhood.
You have nothing to offer me.
Nor Should You.
The Boy sent reeling
still can't lose his cool,
He feigns indifference
while his Heart explodes
and his tear ducts spasm
He's fighting all his instincts
to save face.
Whatever, man.
You don't know what you're missing out on.
She sends a laugh to heaven.
Ok, Tricky Man.
We'll meet again, and you'll know
tonight you said too much and
that it was your right to not know better.
You don't have to be so clever all the time.
She walks away into the night,
and tears come.
I love you, she's not supposed to hear.
And even your rejection was an honor.
"Now that's more like it."