What is your favorite punctuation mark?

period .
1% (1 vote)
comma ,
5% (4 votes)
apostrophe '
0% (0 votes)
quotation mark "
4% (3 votes)
question mark ?
10% (8 votes)
exclamation point !
19% (15 votes)
colon :
1% (1 vote)
semi-colon ;
19% (15 votes)
parentheses ( )
5% (4 votes)
elipsis ....
35% (28 votes)
other [insert punctuation mark here]
2% (2 votes)
Total votes: 81


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I like the semi-colon because people never know the correct place to put it,but I learned last week at class and now I feel all smart:)I'm a dork I know.

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parentheses are soo hot (& yo

parentheses are soo hot (& you know it). does the ampersand count? becuase it's a close second.

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what is an ampersand? (add me to the dork pile :-P )

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...i think we all know how i love elipses...right?

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Go Semicolons!

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semicolons are sooooo cool, i

semicolons are sooooo cool, idk why, tho commas are a close second. but i use them too much so they're boring. :looks back at what i just wrote: wow, i'm a dork, glad to see i have company ;)

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brownie points for orignel qu

brownie points for orignel quiz
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Semicolons are beautiful.

There is nothing that creates a beater pause when reading aloud or silently than that particular piece of punctuation.

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this doesnt count but i do lo

this doesnt count but i do love a good set of emotiboobs --> (o)(o)

oh god granny got loose ---> \o/\o/

***love the number 7***

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Semicolon all the way. It's s

Semicolon all the way. It's such a wonderful punctuation mark, and so unloved! Most people don't even know how to use it! How sad.

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... three dots hold a limit

three dots hold a limitless amount of information. its like the universe contained in ...
pretty cool, eh?
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I love the elipses. And I l

I love the elipses. And I love this quiz. It's refreshing to not see the ever-popular : What kind of gay are you?


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The dash, I love the dash, an

The dash, I love the dash, and the semi-colon is its second. Mmmm dashes and semi-colons....

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But umlauts are cool too. ¨¨¨

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dot dot dot

Yes, E.mo loves the dots... lol... totally did not mean to do that at all... *oops*

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i love elipsis & exclamation

i love elipsis & exclamation point, but whats the meening of this poll?

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i seem to be the only one who

i seem to be the only one who likes colons, i just love the anticipation

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I like my accents in french,

I like my accents in french, the cédille and the tréma... Lol,leave me alone, English-only people...

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this is a creative poll, i li

this is a creative poll, i like it. i like periods, im a very straightforward person. when its done, its done.

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I love

I <33 the asterick. ( * ) XDDDD *Unlike^You* << The semi-colon is a close second. :}