what's going on in my life

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Everything has been shot to hell, basically.
School has started and I hate it beyond reason.
Almost every single one of my friends annoy the crap out of me
except my 3 closest friends
one of which is my crush
(god knows what's happenening with that. For a while I thought...
I thought something was finally going to happen but I'm back to where I was a few months ago
which is amazingly lame and now our friendship is a bit funky too
with bits of jealousy and whatnot.)

I am so sick.
I have this raging cold and dayquil is not helping any.
It really isn't much fun.
Plus I am so angry at everyone and everything
which just isn't me
so I don't know why I'm being like this.
I wish I could get over it...


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Its probably...

You're probably feeling like complete and utter crap because of some issue that's hovering about your subconcious, poking and prodding you by toying with emotions and whatnot.

I went through a good three weeks feeling like you do right now, so what I did was go on an aburdly long bikeride, alone with just me and my ipod shuffle, blaring at a ludicrous level that'll have me deaf by 30. Just go for a walk or whatever you feel like and think about what's different in your life all of a sudden, what's going to happen soon that perhaps you're scared of, like a huge change that you might not feel prepared for just yet.

If you find something, you'll know...maybe you'll feel happier, or ball like a child...aherm...*avoids eye contact*...

I'd not dare tell you what could be wrong, its up to you to find that out...I know, that's quite possibly the most annoying thing anyone could say to you right now. But hell...

I'm moving to Mars next week, so if you have any boxes...

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Pfft, school! School is the w

Pfft, school! School is the weirdest and hardest place for trying to understand why you feel the way you do. Its also very easy to get annoyed once in a while by people you have to see pretty much everyday! I would try not to spend too much energy trying to figure it out.