White water sex

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Untamed current swept me
In its wake, Zambezi river white waves
Crashing me deep against myself,
Tossing my bold heart from one high to the next
As I kicked, screamed and clutched
At straw… sand

The tide tugging me torn
Body bruised, by the water’s force
-hurt me in a flood
and healed me in a single ebb,
plunging me deeper

I begged for reprieve from this
Ambivalent mess-
That pushed my thresholds
And engulfed me
As I imploded, and boiled

Until suddenly the River spit me out
Onto dry dirt
Left with scars I will never tell
Stories you would never believe,
But free…

Yet here I find myself
Years after the bruises have sunk.
Wading through shallow puddles
Along the muddy Zambezi bank
Yearning to drown again.


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This is bee-aa-u-tiful! I don't really have anything to say because it's out of my league. Keep up the good work!

Be yourself. Because if you're busy being someone else, then who's gonna be you?

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dunno what that person was saying - ur not out of my league yet. :) i wish u lots of white-water, bungee-jumping, freefall, earth-moving sex and passion and happinees and LOVE -deep, sweet and all-engulping. All of the best things life only grants once. i wish you that, with her, whoever she is, wherever she is, whenever she is. and i hope you hold on tight to that new wave and never let her go, like i did once.

Signed: call me what you will.