W'hu! Life doesn't suck so much!

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Ok I have decided to make a journal entry
while I am actually happy!!W'hu things are
turning up not so bad today.
Well for a start I have finally got a job,so
I can start enjoying buying goods and
services again.College is going great, and
earlier this week I mentioned I was
worried everyone hated me, but I have been
talking to some people from my class since
then and they are actually really cool,and
we got along fine.So yeah its all good!

Also in gay related news,myself and my
friend were messing about on the computer
the other day taking random quizess,and a
question on one of them that my friend was
taking was "Have you ever been attracted
to a member of the same sex?"Her response
was oh my god that is disgusting!I didn't
really know her view on homosexuality
until then as we have only been friends a
short while and it hadn't really come up.
Normally a response like that would have
sent me into a spiral of panic and shame
that I am gay, but it actually made me
laugh to myself.It made me realise I mean
really realise just how stupid and
ignorant such ideas are.
It was just the other day she was telling
me what a great friend I am,how funny,nice
cool blah blah blah.And I know that I am
still all those things,being gay doesn't
make me any less of those things.
I know it probably sounds silly but I think
that is the first time I have felt like that
when someone said something like that,so
I feel proud I have taken a step.
I am still in the closet but I am working
on telling one of my close friends.
I am not going to tell my friend who
thinks its gross just yet,but if she stops
being my friend because of it well then
that will be her problem not mine.I would
be sad but hopefully by the time I tell
her she will see that gay people are normal.

Well thats it for now,sorry it got a bit
waffley there.Well to sum up life is good.
Thanks for reading if you have!


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congrats that you were able t

congrats that you were able to not panic when she made her anti-gay comment. I think you have to be really secure with yourself not to be affected by anti-gay statements.

<3 Devlin

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It seems like people just say

It seems like people just say "ew gross" like a reaction and because its what they think people expect them to say......its been trained. For most of them, if they actually think about it before they talk, they don't mind. Unless they're like, dead-set against it.

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I agree

I think it is like a throw away remark people just seem to make. Its a shame though coz stuff like that used to make me feel really bad, and there are hundreds of thousands of people out there that are made feel bad for such silly remarks.

No one can make you feel inferior without your consent-Eleanor Roosevelt