*woof* - well, what can I say? I'm jealous of Adam! Lol

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I’m cute, but I’m not a child.

I’m weird, but I’m not creepy.

I’m smart, but I’m not a geek.

I’m funny, but I’m not crude.

I’m good, but not in a take-advantage-of-me way.

I’m ironic, but I’m not mean.

I’m creative, but I’m not withdrawn.

I’m selfish, but I’m not emotionless.

I’m gay, but I’m not queer.

I’m not snotty, I’m not distant, I’m not way-over-the-limit cool.

So, why can’t I get a boyfriend again?

Oh, yeah, cause I don't know any gay guys.

DAMN. What can I do??????


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*shurgs*...looks like we are

*shurgs*...looks like we are on the same boat

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that's such a cute post!! lol

that's such a cute post!! lol we're in the same boat, as the guy below said before me, but....
i'm not cute, i'm pretty creepy, i'm not smart let alone geeky, i don't even know what crude means! i'm not good, i'm the person who usually takes the advantage of good people, they call me regina george at school (evil girl from mean girls), i'm withdrawn, some would say bordering autistic at times, i'm very selfish and emotional, bad combo! i'm snotty and distant, especially now that i've got a flu, in the middle of summer, wtf!? and so i spose it's no wonder why i can't get a boyfriend, plus i know a few gay people.
i win!

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if you say so...BUT...

Im sure that was you being a creepy litte child with a pocket full of pens...you geek...AND...you were being crude in the way you took advantage of me...in fact you were being mean and then became withdrawn but you were cool but not in the distance...so want to be boyfriends? lol
hope you know this is in humor only...do you do anything on holloween or all saints eve over there?
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that of common sense.

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fyi...why are you jelous of a

fyi...why are you jelous of adam???

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Adam, I just couldn't think o

Adam, I just couldn't think of a title. So... What would make people notice my post, other than your name??? Oh, btw, do you know what fyi stands for???

Bob, we don't have Holloween (sp?), but we have the carnival (like Brazil, only lame) every February. It sucks. As for All Saints Eve, I think we got one, but not the same day as you and we do nothing special.

We got Christmas (but we get the presents on New Year's Day - or whatever it's called, January 1st), we got the nominal days, eg my nominal day is January 1st, because of St. Basil (our name for Santa Claus), we got Easter, Ash Wednesday only it's called Clean and it's Monday, Clean Monday, we got... Let me think... Oh, yeah, let me see how I'll translate that... Roasted Thursday? We eat roasted meat on that day. Also, we got August-15th. That's all I can remember. I know you didn't ask, but I started rambling and when I do, I can't stop! :P

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best of my knowledge fyi stan

best of my knowledge fyi stands for for your information, but....eh?
lol have a look billy, nobody writes in my journal entries, putting my name in u'r entries wont attract ppl, it'll repel the fuckers