Wow.... No really, I'm happy.

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I haven't been on here in so long.... so I must go on and on and on about my summer.
1. I TOUCHED GOD. AND LEADER-SAN. *Shinya and Kaoru of Dir en grey*
2. Met cute guys from Japan. Cute as in I want to give them cages and ask my mommy if I can keep them.
3. Started school in this school three or four times bigger than my old school...
4. Got a girlfriend!!!!!!!!! *happy*
That pretty much sums it up... so on to the interesting part since no one here seems to know or care who Diru is - MAR-MAR!!!!
Yesh, my lovely girlfriend Mar-Mar... end of August, we went out for two weeks, then she dumped me. *all those horrid insecurities about people knowing she was bi... but she lives in Michigan, so I never really understood that...* Then a week later, we both had thought it out and now we're back together.....
But I'm happy....