Yeah, darn

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So that girl in my Chemistry class that I have a crush on and that I kind of asked out to homecoming but really didn't (breath) has a boyfriend.
I was working with her on a lab and he came to the door. Someone behind me said, "Hey, isn't that you're boyfriend?" She said yeah.
I think my gaydar is broken. Anywhere I can get it fixed!?!
So, yeah. But at least I get to spend 90 min with her every weekday and some weekends.
I think I'll end my rant there.


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That sucks for ya!I know the feeling I sooooooooo have a thing for one of my friends and she is all loved up with a boyfriend too!
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Aw shucks...sorry about that. There are more fish in the sea...hopefully you catch the right one next time!

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I know the feeling. Hey, at l

I know the feeling. Hey, at least you had the courage up to go talk to her. The boys in our school are all honmophobic, and the ones who are gay are all in hiding. I don't even bother asking boys out 'cuz I have no idea who's gay or straght. ...Yea... I'm too scared to be wrong...