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Um that future wife post in the forum is gross.

Ok. Earlier this year I attended an old friend's 21st, I hadn't seen him in like 3 years. Turns out he's gay, found that out at the party. I was so excited (see previous journal entry). I miss him heaps because we used to be real good mates.. but now we're pretty much strangers and haven't spoken to him since his birthday. Well I somehow came across his myspace (ok so I looked him up just out of curiosity). So yeah his page was pretty brief but linked to his blog. So I was reading his blog, I couldn't stop because my eyes were glued to the screen, he's an amazing writer and I never knew. There were photos too and it started from 2004 so I'm like catching up on his life! At this point I'm feeling like a stalker right.. Am I? I'm finding out all these things about him, some of them pretty personal. It's so strange reading about someone you know but don't know at the same time, has that ever happened to anyone?

I want to get in touch with him again, I want to come out to him because he's the only gay person I know and I feel like he would understand what I'm going through. Or is that dumb? Sort of like 'I'm gay, you're gay, let's be friends again!' But I'm not sure if I want him to know that I've been reading his blog.. he might feel violated. Should I comment on his blog or email him or something? I don't wanna be like a creapy stalker, just wanna catch up for coffee. I'm so curious about how he came out, when he did, who he had the hots for and why he didn't talk to me about stuf. We used to hang out a lot, do dorky things together and we share a lot of memories.. god he was there for me when my grandma died.. I just remembered, wow now I'm getting emotional. And I was such an asshole to him, hmm I was a general asshole when I was younger come to think of it..

But he's got this whole new life, flashy job, designer clothes etc you get my drift.. and he might not want to be associated with an old childhood friend who is like the total opposite. He's the sweetest guy but possibly too good for me now? (But I still think he's a dork hehe) I dunno I just miss him.. and I was "moved" by his blog. Tell me your thoughts. Please.


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Go for it!

You should definitly write him a message or whatever. I've looked up old neighbors, schoolmates, crushes, etc. just to see how they're doing and sometimes I feel like messaging them to say hi and I've gotten back in touch with several old friends that way. And whatever he wrote in his blog is for the whole world to see. If he didn't want anyone to read it he would have made it a private blog which he obviously didn't. I say go for it and send him a message. You never know... you could become good buds again!

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Hey,I think you should leave him a comment,and ask him how he has been or something like that and see how things go from there.If he replies you might be able to chat to him online for a while,get to know each other a bit again,which would lead to you guys meeting up.Yeah I definitly say go for it.What have you to loose?

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Email him or comment

I agree, whatever he put on his blog is there for the world to see. I think you should email him and say, Hey it's me, never knew you were such a good writer. Want to catch up?
Something like that, nothing too creepy or anything, just say you want to catch up for coffee.

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Nah he should be interested to get to know you again. Maybe not mega close but still casual friends. And it's not stalking what you're doing. Just don't hang around his bathroom window too much

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