a bit loco

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The new site is totally swell. I've gotta do a group presentation tomorrow for school in front of class and non-school people and I am.. how do you say.. shitting myself. Ha, hopefully it won't go too bad. We have to dress appropriately so I'm gonna wear my dickies pants, chucks, studded belt, shirt and skinny tie. Oh I'm gonna look so very dykey.. which is good/weird and I'm gonna be catching the train so I dunno, gonna get some attention (not always a good thing, unless from cute girls). I'm not sure if I'm nervous about the presentation or what people are gonna think of what I'm gonna be wearing. I know that's stupid, I'm usually confident about the stuf I wear. Might be the presentation that is freaking me out. Arr I dunno.

So Tims (the best mate) coming over for the weekend again. We usually do pointless things and get wasted etc. I've talked about the girl he is friends with who could be bi and knew I was queer, Em. She called me with Tim's phone the other day because he was driving and it kinda caught me off guard, she called to invite me to eat with them. Ok so she's kinda cute and Tim keeps saying we would get along and how she said she thinks I'm cool. No I don't reckon anything would go on there, but I feel like I wanna invite her to come with Tim and hang out with us for the weekend. It is a bit weird though because I've only met her twice and yeah.. I have that gut feeling like we could become good mates for some reason. Maybe it's just coz I feel like she knows me already since she knows I'm gay and it'll be the first person to know that beforehand.. Hmm maybe I'm just a bit loco. She wouldn't have anywhere to sleep, me and Tim share a bed.. Does anyone else here share a bed with the straight opposite sex? It's not strange is it..? Oh well so Tim might think it's a bit funny if I ask Em to come along too. Maybe later on, I don't think I will ask.

Better get back to work kids. Ciao.


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Yeah presentations are a pain in the bum,doing one myself next week:/,
your outfit will be tres deadly though!Its cool that you are just going for the dykey look and being yourself.
Tim's friend sounds cool,why don't you invite her to go out a few places with you guys first before asking her to stay over?That way you can get to know her a bit better so it wont be so out of the blue.
Oh and nah its not weird to share a bed with Tim,could be a little kinky though if his friend was staying over too,lol,just kidding!Sorry that was probably a bit inappropriate just had to say it.