a letter to her...

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...this is a letter i wrote to her that i probably won't give to her but yeah...i wrote it anyways;

i've written so much letters to you, hoping and wishing that things would get better and you'd be back here in my arms, but as the days go by slowly those letters pile up with no one to read them...i realize that its useless, so i throw them all away...my feelings, my emotions, the memories,...and my heart never the same.

it's all but a blur...god how much i've laid down wanting to sleep but awake for hours and hours with thoughts only turning to you; oh how my body, my mind, and soul weakened...unhappiness is all i feel, nothing is ever satisfying anymore...how can i go on living when my life and everything that mattered the most...was you?

i love you and i always will...

i told you that you were the only girl i loved
...that was the truth
i told you that it was you i wanted to spend my life with
...forever and always with you
all the things i told you, i meant it all
that's all i wanted you to know
everything was the truth, never doubt that
so all i want is you to be happy
and just know that...
...you are always in my heart<3


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*sniff sniff*

oh my god, thats so romantic. *wipes tear from eye* you should TOTALLY give it to her. i know what its like. it sucks. but life goes on. love ya!

"This life is yours."

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truly that is so well written and so truthful... you should def. give this to her... way to be honest! Yay for you!

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I don't know...

I thought it was asad poem/ story. I guess the ending could be described as romantic, but the rest seemed depressing to me. Btw, thanks for the comment on my journal 808, we are all hoping my friend will pull through.

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*sniff* *wipes nose*

I swear, that is sooooo sad and romantic...Call me a hopeless romantic, but it's true. Hehe. You really should give it to her, it's really good! XD