A Lil This & A Lil That

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sigh. well i was chatting with my best friend on aim a little while ago and you know how that box thingy comes up and says who just signed on and stuff well it said my ex signed on...and oh my...i couldn't breathe like literally my heart was beating faster my chest was becoming tight and i couldn't breathe...i told my friend and she was saying that it was because i'm stressing out and its because of my ex.

idk but i swear i feel like my friend never did like my ex i understand because if what she did but its just that i never did complain to her about her bf and all the things he did before and she STILL WENT BACK OUT WITH HIM...damn she's telling me that if it ever did happen that i shouldn't go back out with her, gosh everytime i did tell her that...did she listen? NOPE...i never understood it but now i do...it's the LOVE and idk why she can't see that i still love my ex and its so hard to just make like i don't care and get over her...yeah i should move on but deep inside my heart is still aching for her, all i can do nowdays is think about all the times we've spent together and the memories that we've made....how can you give all that up? but i guess that's life right?

blah...i just wish that things can just get easier...why does everything have to be hard? every night i go to sleep sometimes i just wish that i won't wake up in the morning that my life could just end so i don't have to deal with anything anymore...but then i think of all the people in my life that are there for me and care for me and i say "DAMMIT i CAN'T leave them behind" yup and i laugh...i'm weird yeah i know but its funnie though, one minute you could be all depressed and the next you think of something and its the funniest thing in the world and you're all better...

idk what the point of this post is lol...a little rant and venting...but my message is...i guess...no matter how fucked up or suckie your life is think of all the things or people you're gonna give up if you yourself GIVE UP...never take things for granted...cherish all that you have because someone else in the world could be having it worse and not have the things you have...be grateful for life...LIVE LAUGH & LOVE....

***if this does not make sense...forgive me...i am tired, bored, and out of it...okie... =)