Accidental lap dance?

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Haha, I bet that got your attetion! But this time the title actually has something to do with what happened. So there!

Okay, my cousins came over for my birthday party. And so did my friends Sora and Namine. (Sora's sister.) And we like, listened to music and danced and stuff. It was fun.

Well, first, I'm gonna be using a lot of nicknames.
Riku = me, 14 yo girl.
Sora = Object of my affections. A little younger than me.
Namine = Soras older sister. A little older than me.
Goofy = My cousin, a little older than Namine.
Mickey = My cousin, a tiny bit older than Sora. But looks two years younger.

We played pinata, but ended up breaking the stick so we just tore it apart. And we ate pizza and ice cream. And we watched stuff. It rocked. We also ate a lot of candy. And a lot of... Interesting things happened.

Okay, so yesterday Sora came over and we went shopping for party supplies with my dad and aunt. First we went to the bakery for bread, then we went to the supermarket, where there was no pocky. And after we got the party stuff my Dad and Aunt continued shopping at the groccery store and Sora and I walked to the party store a few blocks away and started looking for a pinata and party favors. Then my dad came and bought them and we went back and set up a little, a little while later Sora's sister, Namine, came by and we chatted and stuff.

So after we set up we ate chips and dip and listened to music, and at one point I ended up in a closet alone with Sora, and she asked me what it was I wanted to talk to her about. And I went silent again. I'm so pathetic... I hate it. I should have told her then. X_X

So, then we ate pizza and I blew out a candle and made a wish. Can't tell you what it is or it won't come true. :P

After that we went outside and we sort of stuck the pinata on a tree. And then we took turns wacking it until my cousin, Goofy, broke the yard stick we were using. (It was the only thing we really had for it...) At which point we all ran at the pinata and tore it to shreds.

So, we go inside and eat lots of ice cream with toppings now that we've burned off some of the pizza. That was fun. Then we dance some more and just chat and act silly. We go on a walk sometime around 10 pm but it stank because I had a headache from the sugar and it was cold.

So Sora, Namine, and I are just chatting in my room. For some reason we decide to all sleep in the same twin-sized bed. It was weird. But when we went to sleep Sora was leaning on me so it wasn't too bad. But she ended up taking all of the blankets and it turns out that she sleeps with her eyes partly open. That's kind of creepy, but it's Sora so it's cute. XD

And during this time Sora has been saying things like "Goofy is Namine's future boyfriend." and Namine would say the same things about Sora, and it would get Namine annoyed, but Sora would get really annoyed.

And did I mention that when we were about to go to sleep Sora went and kissed me on the cheek. A little goodnight kiss but still... It took me like, a minute to figure out what had just happened. And by the time I did I just sorta said "I'm confused" with this blank and confused expression on my face and she laughed. I'm still not sure what to think.

Actually, she's been sending me mixed signals. I've been leaning on her a lot... Because I get tired... >_> And sometimes she'd move away and sometimes she didn't. And one minute she'd be leading me on and the next she'd be... No she was leading me on the whole time. Though she said "I don't float that way." a couple of times in refference to being gay. What really has me confused is the last time she said that she said "I don't float that way... Yet." and I'm like... What is she trying to say??

And then we decided that when watching videos people make better pillows than pillows do. So we would lay down on the futon and I would hug Sora and Namine had her head on my shoulder. It was nice...

And also, at one point during the day, probably in refference to the "RikuxSora" thing. (Me being Riku, Sora being Sora. It's a long story... Probably in my journal somewhere.. But that's our nicknames for each other..) she suddenley shouted "Get away from my boyfriend!" (Did I mention that Sora decided not to decide weather I'm a boy or not and thus, confuse everyone else...? Yeah she did. People kept calling me a "boy" all weekend. But I couldn't care less really. X3) and so I was like surprised.. So I randomly shout "Leave my boyfriend alone!" when Goofy was like, kicking her or something. It was so funny.

Hmmm.. Oh and the title? Namine randomly asked this morning "Is there such thing as an accidental lap dance?" XD It sort of just stuck in my head for some reason. lol.

Sooo... I actually got desprate enough for advice that I asked my dad. He thinks she likes me... Well, he never said that but he said that we're both young and she's probably wondering about her sexuality and stuff. Which is basically Dad for "I think she likes you but I don't want to say that in case that I'm wrong." Annnd... I wish Sora was as easy to read as my Dad is. (He did have some good advice in there though..) XD He told me to tell her. But he didn't say how this was possible... X_X

Okay, so what I really need to know is How does one go about telling a person that you've got the hots for them...? Are there like, classes for this or something? XD


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You know

You know this is getting close to a maxigon. A rikkuigon I think. Still sounded like fun. And I have no idea how to tell someone. I'll look in the phonebook for classes

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Ok, So I've been following yo

Ok, So I've been following your Sora story for a while. It's funny it's almost like a television show... like Oh I wonder if she told her this time!
...But anyway. I'll finally give you my advice.
So I think you should get her alone somehow, no syblings no dads no cousins. and just say something along the lines of...
I've been feeling strange about us, and you give me really mixed signals. I value our friendship greatly, and I dont wanna mess that up. But I could be into you if you could be into me. But if not, you're still my friend and nothing's changed.
And point blank ask her, what are your feelings for me, do you like me.

Don't expect an answer quickly or even at that occansion. Be prepared for her to get uncomfortable and flat out leave. Even if she likes you, it's still scary.
If she says yes, that's great, and you can take it from there.
If she says no, be prepared for your friendship to be on the rocks for at least 2 months or longer before things sorta feel normal again.
I know because it happend to me. Fell in love with a girl blah blah blah. Told her. She's straight. Blah Blah Blah. She was wierd around me for about 2 months, then things went back to normal and we never really talked about it.
It was a total drag, and we were still best friends. But when I finally got over her it was like a year later.
Now that I'm over her our friendship is disinegrating. I dont know what's going on there, but that's a story for another time.

Maybe things wont go anyway the way I said it would. And you may not say that, but just something you should be prepared for because the whole thing is so stressful and it's ok that you've chickened out many times.

Good Luck.


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ditto on the television thing

ditto on the television thing. You write awesomely. I would just tell Sora you like her. Even if she doesn't like you, it doesn't seem like telling her would wreck your friendship. And hello-she ended up alone in a closet with you-and she asked you if you had something to tell her!!!! I wish any of my crushes had given me 1/2 of that attention