Are you friends with your ex or not?

15% (4 votes)
26% (7 votes)
we drifted apart and that was the end
22% (6 votes)
other (please tell)
37% (10 votes)
Total votes: 27


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no i hate two of them and the third is well on her way....havne't had a bf yet so hard to tell, although i think it'll be the same, if we're not going to be together we're not going to be anything

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I said "Other", because I don't have an ex... I kind of wish I did, though.

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yeah. my girlfriend told me she didnt love me, so then she broke up with me. then she was like but i still wanna be friends and i was like ok i can do this. but obviously i couldnt, because now i completely and utterly hate you. (her)

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well i don't consider my "ex"

well i don't consider my "ex" as my ex anymore...because i mean she is a great person...i jsut don't consider her an ex anymore because that was before i came out/ figured out that i was i say that technicaly in my head it doesn't count...i'm still waiting on that first bf

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We don't talk anymore, she ou

We don't talk anymore, she outed me to a LOT of people. It was a smidgen heartless but i had it coming. I should have broke up with her 3 months sooner when i first knew i was gay.


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Other because i still talk


because i still talk to her but we arent friends really. We just see how each other is because we both have huge hearts and want to know whats going on in each other lives.

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no ex, srry "Never apolo

no ex, srry

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Yeah I've drifted from all th

Yeah I've drifted from all three of my exes, if you wanna call them that. they're all guys, i dated them in an immature, insecure attemp to 'change' my sexuality.

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several i'm friends with but

several i'm friends with but that was after not being friends for a while, my last ex wont acknowledge my existence, you we're not exactly friendly

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