At Last! A New Fantasy Novel Featuring Young Gay Heroes!

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Hi Everyone!

I've just published my first novel, Orphan's Quest. It is the first volume of an epic Fantasy trilogy called Chronicles of Firma which features young gay heroes. You can check it out and order signed copies on my website:

It will be on and other online bookstores soon, but my price is lower and all my copies come autographed free of charge. There's also a link on my site called "Spread the Word". This leads to a flyer that you can download and post wherever you think it might generate some sales for me. Since I'm a new author, and doing all my own publicity and marketing, this would help me out a great deal. If anyone has a webpage of their own and would like to link to mine, that would also be great.

I Hope you all will buy, read and enjoy my book! Volume two, Scion's Blood is already in the works.

Pat Nelson Childs
"Bringing strong gay & lesbian
characters to Sci-Fi & Fantasy"

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Congratulations! I like

Congratulations! I like writing, but I've never been published. Perhaps because I'm only 14. I'll keep my eyes out for your books! Great job on getting published.

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I just bought one!

- One Nation, Under Darkness

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Thanks Guys!

Don't forget to spread the word. I'm a poor writer with a very small budget, so word of mouth is going to be my best advertising. It's going to be awhile before I make it into the big brick & mortar bookstores, but the more copies I've sold online when I go to places like Borders, the better chance I'll have of getting them to carry my work.

I was writing at 14 as well. Keep at it and share your work with others. I have a merciless bunch of critics that I share all my rough drafts with. It's painful sometimes, but it makes my final product much better.

My first batch of books is on the way from the publisher. I hope to have them in hand and ready to ship out in another week to ten days. As soon as I get them, I'll immediately sign them and ship out all my orders.

Thanks again for the support. I'll be anxious to get your feedback on Orphan's Quest.


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Congratulations Patrick!

I'll definitely pick this up. I need a good fantasy book to read over the Christmas holidays!

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Great! I should have my

Great! I should have my stock from the publisher in time for that. :-)

- Pat Nelson Childs