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Actually, this has nothing to do with cheese, but I felt like calling it that.

Anyways, I've been pretty upset about my mom latley. She won't awnser the phone and all. And I feel a little betrayed, I told her that I want to stay here and she's still pushing for me to go to Florida. :(

I went to Soras place because I needed someone to talk to. I sort of went over there and started crying. I didn't mean too. Everyone hugged me and stuff, once I told them what was bothering me we started talking about other stuff, which ened up in me coming out to everyone.. (Which is most of Soras sisters. Like, 5 out of 6.) It was stupid really, One of them said that I've got a little bit of boy in me, (The Riku thing) and she does one of her sisters does and Sora does too, and then another was like, "She's just saying we're all gay" and the other girl sitting next to me was like "Are you striaght?" So I shook my head. Nobody cared. Just like I thought. I just didn't want to like go and tell them because that would be weird. But I was asked so I was honest since I knew they wouldn't care anyways.

They also said that if they tried to take me to Florida they'd hide me and duct tape me to the floor so they couldn't get me. XD I'm not exactly sure where the duct tape came from though. Sounds painful. XD

It's funny, later Sora was sitting next to me, and her sister (We'll call her Axel) was watching TV with us, and a pads commercial came on, it was like "Have a happy period" and I'm like "Is there such thing as a happy period?" And Axel said "No." and so Sora and I started talking about our periods, (Which happens a lot actually.) and Axel was like "Why are you so open about it?" and we were like "What? It's not like you don't have one." and so Axel is like "You know what? I figured it out, you two are having an affair." (Out of nowhere.) And I started laughing and Sora was all like "Mabyeeee." XD But I had to go after that.

Hehe, I just thought that was worth mentioning.

And ugh, I have an essay to write. Laterz. (Meh, doing homework when everyone else is on break.)


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wow, that's so hectic! the wh

wow, that's so hectic! the whole thing about going to ur freinds house to talk, and ending up coming out to her whole family! well, at least u got THAT out of the way, LOL... anyway it sounds like a really nice family, at least u can be like, their honorary daughter and lean on them when ur family acts all crazy and doesn't give u the love u need. fake families ROCK :o)

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Yes, I also thought how nice

Yes, I also thought how nice Sora's family sounds... and all her sisters.
and that seemed a pretty friendly and natural coming out, yay!

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