Chevy to the Levy ;)

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I went to work right after school today. I was feeling shitty still, because just as I expected my crush wasn't here today, and when I called her after school the conversation was...awkward. I think she'd read my email telling her all about my feelings for her.

Anyway. I was going to get a ride home from work from my mom, but she had a meeting until about 9 and i finished at 8. I went to the mall for an hour and wandered around. eventually, she called me, and said she'd be waiting outside the theatre. I stood there for a few minuites. A red SUV rolled up. I figured it was some mother waiting for her kid. nothing that concerned me at all... My cell rang again; it was my mom. She said she was waiting for me. I asked where. She said "In front of you." I looked around the whole lot, for the old, ugly, purple van, that rattled and shook and had to go to the garage ever week to be 'fixed'. The van was no where to be seen, but in the corner of my eye, I saw this hand waving ecstacically at me from inside the red SUV.

I couldn't believe it. My parents are not the wealthiest people by any means. For them to get a new car is like... a dream come true. I hated that van so much! And the new chevy equinox has a 6-track cd player, and well, so many other features, and i really can;t wait until tomorrow morning, my mom said i could drive it to school. I think I'll drive'er right up to the front doors instead of hiding behind the LCBO to park. ^^

Anyway. My day was great during school, then I went to work. It was okay at work, but loong as hell. The only damper on my day was talking to Caitlyn. I mean, she sounded so... different on the phone. I hope she'll be at school tomorrow. i really need to talk to her. Friday is a PD day, so i might not get a chanve to see her until monday, if I can;t get a hold of her. i just really don't want to lose her. I've told her about all the poeple in my life who used to be friends and then turned on me. maybe she'll be sensitive about everyhting i told her in the email too. I hope so.

anyway. not to ruin the positivity of this journal. i think this is the first entry i've writeen on this site that, for the most part, is positive! yay.

So yeah. my day was good. Ooooh and I'm out to three more people. Well two. apparently becca knew i am a lesbian. Luke didn't, and he's gay, so i figured he'd have known since... i dunno. i thought he would. and then amena who i don';t know as well as luke and becca, but she obviously didn't have a problem with it. she just kept asking me and luke questions about it and we answered. like, when did we come out. when did we find out, have we ever been with someone (same sex), blah blah blah blah blah. it was fun. better than writing notes like we were supposed to.


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If she's your true friend, sh

If she's your true friend, she'll pull through and remain by your side. That must have taken a lot of courage to tell her.

The new SUV sounds awesome. Must've been so exciting.

Are you tired? I am.....

Anyway, hope things keep getting better for you. Happy Thanksgiving! Unless you're that religion that doesn't celebrate holidays; then happy school break! :D

~May the spirits guide your every assure you please her in all the right places XD

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lol. I'm in Canada. We celebr

lol. I'm in Canada. We celebraate thanksgiving...2nd weekend of October or somehting. But, i don't have school tomorrow anyway, it's a pd day, which basically means all the teachers go to school for a meeting and the students get to stay home. or... not stay home and do fun things with friends. anyway... yeah.

I'm seeing my girl tomorrow. I hope. I don't know if she'll bring the email up or not, but if she does, i hope all goes well...

The SUV is rpetty damn exciting ^_^ It is so fun to drive!!!

and yeah, I'm really tired. I worked 6 hours tonight, at a till, scanning groceries and holding well over a thousand dollars in my hand and getting none of it v_v but that's life. it's tough, then you have a smoke.

Happy thanksgiving to you though, and any other american who reads my journal. ^_^