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My cousins came up for Thanksgiving, they're here now actually.

On the way up from picking them up from their place I came out to them, it was really simple really, since I figured they noticed already.

I was talking, like I always am, and I mentioned how I came out to Soras family the other day. And then the older one (I call him Goofy) is like "You're gay?" and I said "Yes." and he said "You're lesbian?" So I said "yeah" again and then him and my younger cousin were like "Eww." which annoyed me. So I was like "What's so hard to understand about liking girls? You've liked them since you were really little." (My cousin, Goofy, he's ALWAYS liked girls. XD) I think they think it's weird. Goofy called me names a few times, but I am like, immune to being called a guy. (Though I still don't see what's so masculine about being attracted to girls.) But I don't think they care anymore.

Well, anyways, I'm like out to most of my friends now. It's cool. Though I'm kind of annoyed at Goofy.... But I'm always annoyed at him for one reason or another. So this is old news.

It was funny, Sora called me and he shouts "she's gay" so she can hear me. And I'm like "she knows." and everything was really silly. It was a little akward since I didn't tell anyone about I actually DO have a girlfriend because then the obvious question would be "Who?" And A, I don't know if I want them to know and B, I don't know if Sora (My girlfriend.) Want's them to know either. (Though the other day was funny when her sister said that we were having an affair with each other. And Sora was like "mabyeee" But that's probably what she would have said anyways, since for the longest time she'd go around telling people we're engaged. (Before and after I came out to her.) XD)

And I had a thought... If knitting was a sport in the olympics, Haku would SO be champion. =D *random*

Anyways, happy Thanksgiving! And thanks to you guys because if it weren't for this site I'd be lost.. As in, totally. As opposed to being partly lost. Which can't be helped really... FREE HUGS FOR EVERYONE! *hugs*


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Good, I need a hug

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I'm so happy for you! it's re

I'm so happy for you! it's really great that your family is so accepting, accept for really one cousin. (i like his name) it gives me hope that my life wont be a complete hell if i come out ;)

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ugg.. i'm sorry, i think im having internet problems... i'm so technologically inept

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I hate cousins. xD but I thin

I hate cousins. xD but I think that maybe them seeing their big cousin will serve to show them that people who they know can be lesbians too... it may be good for them some day.

Be yourself. Because if you're busy being someone else, then who's gonna be you?

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thanks for the hug!

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