damn her....

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i finally figured out the reason why i've been going to sleep at 2 for the past week...why?....'cause i'm waiting for that call...the call from my ex...idk...i just want to hear her voice...oh yeah i wrote something at work today...here it is:

oh how my heart aches
just to hear your sweet voice
to see your radiant smile
oh god
how heaven seemed to turn to hell
just what went wrong
that you went to another
i thought our love was true
something to beat those happily ever afters
but no
i guess that's why life sucks
things happen
and you can't do anything about it
i just have to move on
to find another dream come true
a love more true and real
that it'll last how we want it to
always and forever...

haha its all weird...well i was at work and i'm tired as hell lol...but again i won't sleep until 2...shiit...lol


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awwww, MUFFIN!

*HUGZ*... it's ok, im single too and kind of hating it! LOL. and the last girl i went out with completely screwed me over. but im gettin over it :o)