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I went to the local high school to ask about clubs and stuff. Someone there gave me a list but it's out-of-date and a mess. I was told there's an Anime Club but it's not on the list. So there's still chances of there being a GSA there. Even though there isn't one one the list.
And if there isn't I'll start one. Simple.

Besides a GSA I'll probably join Chours, the Anime Club, and the Pottery Club. But next time we have to get there when there are more people there. Because everyone was leaving when we got there. Haha.

My mom hasn't really spoken to me since I saw her at the bookstore. I heard that she was upset because of something I said. I don't think she understands why I want to stay here. She might think I don't like her which TOTALLY isn't the case at ALL. She called me once to tell me about a museum or something but she hung up pretty quickly.

When I saw my mom she looked a lot older and she got sick. Probably from stress. I'm worried about her.

I just want for her to move back up here somewhere nearby. *sigh*

And, in other news, I finally bought Rainbow boys. I was halfway through it already, since I read it at the bookstore a lot. I love it so far. Some parts are so cute, and some parts are so sad. And the charechters are so realistic.. I think. Everyone should read that book. Well, I haven't finished it yet, because I need to do things besides reading. Like sleeping, (eventually) eating (I'll get around to it.) that sort of thing. XD