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Don't tell me you fell for that title again!

I felt like deleteing my other journal entry and writing this one. Because it's longer and includes what happened today.

Yesterday was awesome! The weather was great. Sora (My BFF and crush.) and I went trick or treating. (With her family and their friends.) Annnd.. It was awesome! We went around saying things like "Happy Christmas!" (or some other random holiday.) and when we got candy we said "Aarigatou" and stuff. We had matching coustumes too, I was dressed as a schoolboy with cat ears and tail and she was dressed as a school girl with cat ears and tail. That was incredibly cute by the way. And she was flirting with me. I'm almost positive that she's been flirting with me.

Okay, it must've been flirting, nothing else would explain her telling me "you look good" about three times. (not at once.) And sitting unnecicairally close together while waiting for the rest of the group to catch up (We had like, 15 or more in our group. That was awesome BTW. Because her family is awesome. And so their friends are awesome too.) She told me that she'd date me if I were a guy. (So I told her I wouldn't if she were a guy. And then there was akward silence, and then we changed the subject.) And she walked me home (I borrowed something for the coustume so I dropped it off at her house and she walked me home.. But she had to have her sister come along since it was late and her dad didn't want her walking back by herself.) And when we hugged goodbye it felt... Different. I've heard the term "fireworks" used when describing kisses so if a kiss is fireworks than that hug was defienetly firecrackers. Or at least sparklers.

Not to mention she's been acting clingier than usual recently and she's been dropping some hints. Like I mentioned that my Sister used to have a 'crush' on some guy and so she glomped him a lot. And then Sora glomped me. She either has no brain, wasn't listening, or that was supposed to be a hint. And there's more where that came from but I'm too lazy to write it all out. ^^'

Okay, so now what? What do I do? Mabye I should buy her something? Ummm...

In other news, I spoke to my sister before she went to school today, we talked about what candy we got and stuff. And my mom called me, she told me that she missed me and she also gave me some good news, apparently, according to NH law, I can choose who I want to stay with now. That was a relief. Because I was scared of being forced down to Florida. Which wouldn't be THAT bad except people are probably more homophobic down there and more importantly, Sora is HERE not THERE. And she's been the only thing keeping me happy and sane during this divorce. I don't know where I'd be without her.

And today I had pumpkin soup and the best iced caremel latte in the world. That was delicious.

And I have plans for my party too. Though not much because I'm a very spontaneous and impulsive person a lot of the time. So only enough plans so I know what we need to buy really. I'm gonna get food and stuff, and tell my friends to bring music. I'm not having cake this year because we're having pizza and ice cream. But I have this candle that's shaped like (and smells like) blueberry cheeskake, so I'll make a wish and blow that out instead.

So, anyways. I'm trying to figure out what I should do about Sora. Mabye flowers? Or candy? No, not candy. There's way too much of that. Umm.. I don't really like flowers either. What else is there? *un-creative* Help please?

And by the way, thanks for reading my journals, and commenting on them. And you people here rock you know that? *hugs*


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I fell for it

Aw sounds like things with you and Sora are looking good. How about make her a mix tape of yours and her favourite songs? Throw in a few sweet songs in there too, or songs that remind her of you? Oh and that blueberry cheesecake candle sounds pretty awesome!

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I also like the mix tape. it is very personal. but something to wear is good too. could also be some ring (well, maybe too romantic?) or bracelet or necklace, or something for her hair.
Wow it seems like you two are really having it nice with each other. Cherish the great moments you have together, and good luck :-)

We have all been injured, profoundly. (Donna Haraway)

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I also have to say mix tape.

I also have to say mix tape. Music can say things that people cant. I hope things work out with you two.
and god help you if you are a pheonix
and you dare to rise up from the ash
a thousand eyes will smolder with jealousy
while you are just flying back

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About that gift thing...

Maybe you guys share a private joke, that only you two know about...or something like that.
Why not design a cool t-shirt with that and get it printed for her? That way, she'll be wearing part of you...

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Awww! You should really tell

Awww! You should really tell her how you feel! Even if she doesn't have feelings for you in a romantic way, she definitely has feelings for you.

And HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! ......yesterday

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Make something for her...

a drawing..something to hold her get the idea..