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so i was watching parental control on whatever channel its on. so there was the main guy, hes gay, and his parents dont like his boyfriend. so when hes on one of his dates, his boyfriend *at home watching this with the guys parents, and he looks at the guys mom and goes "you know, its women like you that make me glad im gay"
and i was like OMG thats the coolest thing i've EVER heard!!!!

THEN at the end. the main guy eliminated the one guy his mom picked for him. and then he turns to the guy his dad picked and his boyfriend, and goes im sorry *to the guy dad picked( bye
and he goes sorry i like ur b/f and they leave kissing i was like
omg how cool?


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lol! I was in Child Developme

lol! I was in Child Development and this guy was talking to me and somehow I said "it's guys like you that keep me gay!" it was so funny, and now, we're friends. xD
~Thank you for the memories, a keepsake in my heart.