Hey guys.

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.. And girls (And whoever else might be reading this). I've been gone a little while, it's kind of hard to write journal entries when my cousins are here.

And plus, everything has been going pretty smoothly for the most part. Nothing of great importance happened during Thanksgiving break.

It's kind of funny really, people keep joking about me and Sora being girlfriends. (We haven't told anyone yet. But we are.) Which isn't really anything new, it's happened before, but it happens more now that we're actually together... It's just really weird because she's not THAT much more clingy than she was before. But everyone seems to have noticed. And whenever someone says something it's sort of akward.

My cousins came up for Thanksgiving break. It was nice having them here I guess.

My cousin, Goofy (He's a little older than me.) is a perv. This is old news but still, it's annoying. EVERYTHING sounds wrong to this guy. And he's also violent. Not to mention he kept steryotyping gay people and stuff. He's kinda dumb too. >_> He didn't beat me up (phsically) for being gay. But I took like, one peice of candy and he nearly broke my fingers. But I'm used to this from him.

And my other cousin, he hasn't said anything about my being gay since the "eww" when I told them. Tch. I'm insulted. "ewww." they said. So I told them that I think it's gross that guys are attracted to girls. I really don't care actually. Unless it's me they're attracted too. That gives me goosebumps. But it got them to shut up. For a little while anyways.

I have a random obsession with Dark Cloud again. But it's WAAAY harder than it's sequel. I'm like, running low on funds, and there's this guy who won't leave his house... It's kind of creepy. And the music on the level I'm on makes me want to cry half the time, and it's hard to play when you're getting emotionally worked up over the soundrack. Bait is so hard to come by. My weapons are always about to break. I'm still using the default slingshot for Xaio because I haven't found a better one. But, even so, I luffs it.

And plus, I've caught two Mardan Garyan in one day! YEAH! (They're these awesome fish that get you lotsa points and have magic luck stuffs. They're also purple.)

The sun sets WAY too early. :( I hate winter. SUMMER! COME BAAACK!!!

Oh well, at least Summer will be that much more awesome when it gets here right?

I'm tired for some reason. Oh well.


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I missed an episode...

I love reading your journals! But when did you and Sora become 'official' and how did it happen?