hi everyone...

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i just came across this site...

i am 17, live in the Seattle/Tacoma area, and have recently came out to my
immediate family (dad not included) and my close friends. everyone has
received it suprisingly well (even though many were shocked... apparently i
have been a very good liar). the only person who didn't take it well was my
ex best friend/ ex girlfriend/girl who led me on for way too long. She was
originally cool with it (she is gay as well but just can't admit it yet).
anyway, she was cool with it in the beginning and continued to call and text
all the time, we were always together. she was ALL over me. then one day,
it just became too much for her and she completely stopped talking to me...
pretty heartbreaking to say the least. and considering the fact that i have
to still play club soccer with her everyday... that's rough and more awkward
then you could probably imagine.i am just now, three months later, really
starting to get over her.

my mother has been with a woman for the last thirteen years (even though
this woman is the only one she has ever been attracted to.. highly
confusing..) she has been very willing to talk with me about the whole
thing... only problem is she tries to relate... but not really being gay...
she can't relate in the least... it's very frustrating.

i do have one really good gay friend (who didn't come out to me until after
i came out to her... i had no idea). it's been really good to get to talk
to her but sometimes i don't want to have to tell her all my burdens, ya
know what i mean?

the hardest part to come will be telling my dad... my mom wants me to wait
until after college-- another whole 4 years. i really don't think that's
the best option. plus, if i still haven't had a serious boyfriend at the
age of 22 he's bound to start wondering about me at some point :) i just
don't want to break his heart, ya know? his wife ended up with a woman after
his divorce and now his daughter, who has played straight for the last 17
years of her life, is gay? holy shit... that's going to be hard to tell

so anyways, there is my coming out story. just wanted to say hi to


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Welcome! I'm a Washingtonian

Welcome! I'm a Washingtonian/Evergreener whichever term you prefer as well. Welcome to Oasis. I'm rather new here too but I've found everyone on here to be amazing and supportive people who have alot of advice and opinions. Again, welcome!

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Hey, welcome to the site, etc. Not a bad coming out from the sound of it. I would suggest telling your dad once you got to college. It times well

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Welcome oasis rocks my socks!

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Welcome to oasis.


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welcome to Oasis!

ouch about your friend. it does indeed sound extremely awkward. I would advise to just continue to be as nice as possible in the least threatning, most distant way possible, so when she does come around and realize how weird she's been being, she won't feel like she can't come back to being friends with you. I had the same type of thing happen, and the be-nice-but-let-them-go method worked for me.

Then again, like your mom, I don't know exactly what you're going through so my trying to relate my situation to yours might not do any good at all. I just thought I'd offer.

Anyhoo. Welcome to oasis! And please forgive my ramblyness!

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thanks for the comment....

thanks for the comment.... i really hope my ex gf/bf/whatever the hell she was will come around too... but if she doesn't it's her loss i guess...
and no, you can't totally understand what i'm going through but it is still always nice to just have people listen, ya know?

anyways, have a good night....

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Sorry I didn't see this journal earlier. anyway, welcome to oasis. There is getting to be quite a large group of Seattle area people on here...you, David, Deepspace87, me,This one girl from bainbridge that used to be on here (can't remember her screenname) and several more people from around the area...

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