I have been detected!

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I showed up on someone's gaydar! Woohoo :D I met a good mate of Tim's (my best mate) the other weekend and I recently found out she told him she knew I was queer as soon as she met me. Well that just made my day so I had to share hehe. Oh and him and her might hook up and I approve coz she's cool! I reckon everyone knows except for the people who are close to me haha which is really dumb actually.


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Cheers for you, and that girl's gaydar!

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Did she make a bleeping noise as you walked past?

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that's awesome, i wish i woul

that's awesome, i wish i would show up on someone's gaydar.

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Thats really cool!

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Congratulations on your queer

Congratulations on your queerness! I wish many more gaydar bleeps in the future!