i think im more than bi !?...oh happy thanksgiving!!!

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OMG I AM SO CONFUSED!!!!.... last nite i kinda did sum stuff with a guy(no intercourse) and the entire time i wanted to be with a girl
uhh....i thought i was bi but really i mean ive known sexual stuff between a girl and a guy since i was 2 so yeah..so i know all bout guy on girl action
...but last nite i did that stuff with the guy cuz well u know....but it wasnt wat i appected...the entire time i was thinkin gosh i wish he was a girl.... i mean and he was hot and stuff...and nice and fun and carin but i guess he jus wasnt a girl which is why i wasnt interested i mean...i find no attraction to guys..i like them and i know when a guys hot but i jus dont feel anything more than freinds to them...and im datin a guy rite now...but i want to be with a girl...i want to be the guy in the relationship...not that im trans or anything its jus that i always love being the guy, i love being the one who holds them, the one who buys cute stuff to make them feel better, i jus love it but im not sayin i dont like being on the other end but with a guy u cant be the guy becuase they have there pride and ego and all other stuff like that...uhh this is so confusing becuase i dont think the one person i care about the most will accept me if im actually all the way, they r having a hard time with jus bi....but im learnin to let them go little by little...so that kinda be ok...but idk how my other friends who know will react when im come out again...lol...well idk im jus gonna keep this to myself and figure it out them tell sum1...well i told ya cuz i love yall and u guys r like the only ones who understand me sum what...lol....happy thanksgiving!!!..*hugs and kisses to all*....byz...say sumthing bak...plz


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Wow, I totally know what you

Wow, I totally know what you mean about the way you describe guys...like, I can look at a guy and think, "well, he's hot...", but with girls, I just...kind of know. What you're saying here is really accurate to what I feel...I identify with you, and good luck with whatever you try to do.