i'm pregnant!!!!

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haha, you clicked on my post. actually, that was quite mean. i'm sorry. i physically cannot become pregnant, but mentally........

school's nearly over for the year. we are voting for our school leaders, and guess whose name is on the ballot paper? mine (WHOOOOOOOOO!!!!). it's a weird way of chosing leaders, it's done over 2 days, and you get the list and give people a rating of 1 - 10 (1 being lowest) on whether you think that they are a "man of words" and a "man of action". whatever it is, i gave myself a 10. as did many of my friends. i want to get this for a number of reasons (1 or 2 being a little selfish).

1 i want to leave my mark on the school. i want people to remember me, and what i did for the school.

2 i love the school and want to give something back after everything it's given to me.

3 i think i have great potenial as a leader, as i've never been given the chance to do anything like this before.

4 (this is where i get a lil selfish - sorry). i want to show everyone who's ever called me a freak, a weirdo, a fag, a cunt, queer, loser, etc that i am not a loser (in all senses) and that i am someone, not just someone to pick on. anyone who has ever hurt me will see that I'M a school leader, and that they are noting more than a hurtful name caller.


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.......on the not-quite-real, not-really-soon-to-be-born baby. i'm sure it's having a wonderful time developing into a cute whiny little bratangel in your imaginary uterus.

okay, enough with that. good for you for running. i don't know you, but oh well, i'm still cheering for you!!!