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So, I normally make accounts on websites and then completely forget about them after a few days. I'm trying to change that by attempting to remain active at this site. The only problem is that I don't have much to talk about. I've been truly stressed with applying for college. Anyone who's a senior in high school or has been there/done that I'm sure can relate. I thought I'd be less stressed after I applied, but now it's worse because I have to wait for a reply. Blargh! It sucks.

So for some conversation, what kind of music are you guys into? I'm supposed to be "keeping up with the kids" so to speak, but really haven't. (That's a good song, by the way) I'm working on getting some new music on to the radio station the next couple weeks, so if you've ever had a record that just changed your life, and it must be heard, let me know.

I have nothing else to say. Thanks for letting me feel welcome here.


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hey. good luck with your coll

hey. good luck with your college admissions. I have now applied for grad school, and now I also have to sit back and wait for their decisions.

O and I don't know any music. Well, this is not quite true, I appreciate music a lot, I am mostly into classical music from the 16th through 18th century... But I am unversed to participate in talk about music with most people. that's life

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Yes, I can really identify with you. I'm still sulking over my essay and my brother's criticism and comments against me. It still hurts...

I hope you get in. Good luck.

Regarding the music, I really enjoy the Russian group T.a.T.u, but that may not be good for public radio. Their music is about lesbian stuff, basically.

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I know I thought your Sr. year was suppose to be the best year of high school it just seems to be the most stress full in my opinion. You have to apply to the college and you have to write about a thousand papers. Then you have to wait for a letter trying to see if writing those papers where worth your time.