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My dad took my aunt and I to this philosiphy meeting at some cafe. And we (They, I tend to just listen to everyone and not say much at these things.) were talking about morality and stuff for a while, and somehow homosexuality got brought up.

One guy said that he used to be pro-gay rights, but he changed his mind. The rest of the group was totally pro-gay rights. I was nervous though, but I didn't say much. My dad asked the guy why he thinks this, I know he was doing that because I was there. His arguments didn't really make much sense to me. He said that being gay is wrong, because men and wemon compliment eachother in a way that a woman and a woman or a man and a man can't, stuff like that. He sounded better than most people about it, who are like "Being gay is wrong cuz the bible says so." and no further reasoning. He said it's wrong, and my dad brought up his birth mother (he's adopted) and how he exists because she was pushed by society to be straight, and she made a mistake when she was 16. And after that she did what came natural and she's better off now. (Well, I don't know how she's doing, I apparently met her when I was really young. Mabye I should contact her, it'd be interesting.)

So, anyways, he said that he'd be okay with same-sex couples having some kind of union that would be exactly like marraige, and have all the same rights, but he wouldn't call it marriage... No I don't get it either. Something about traditon, I brought up how wemon aren't property anymore, and "backs" can get married to "whites". But I don't think he had much of an argument for that, but the subject changed soon afterwards anyways.

So, I'm kind of in a bad-ish mood. Even though most of his arguments were irrelevant. It was kind of annoying.

3 Things that really annoy me:
Irrelevant arguments.
Being told I'm too young to understand something.
Being told I'm too old for something.

And on a totally different note, I have that "pump it louder" song stuck in my head for some reason. Haha, weirdness.

And, I don't have any idea what I'm going to do tomorrow, I could go to the mall and see my mom, though I don't really want to go without my dad, even though she dosen't want to see him, he wants to see Sis. (And there's a chance of me being kidnapped. Joy.) But I could also spend the day at the library, or, I could stay at home and hope that I get to see Sora. Which is what I'll probably do because I REALLY want to talk to her about this whole dating boys thing. And I'll get to talk to her about the family situation as well, and even if she dosen't have any good advice, it'll make me feel better.