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Don't have too much to say today. That girl I mentioned before who knew I was queer is apparently bisexual. Well that's what Tim said anyway but I'm not going to look into it too much since what girl isn't bi these days.. (no offence to genuine bisexual people) And plus I haven't fully educated him that sexuality is about attraction, not just about who you end up having "sexy-time" with. Haha sorry I had to put that in, I watched Borat the other day. Oh my god that movie is hilarious, please go see that if you haven't already. It pretty much just came out here in Aus. Laughing at stupid Americans is fun.

My homophobe friend (I've mentioned her before) came over last nite to tell me her story about work. She told me she found out her boss that she hates is a lesbian, she said it in a real sort of degrading way as if she had just told me her boss rooted koalas or something. She laughed about it, I wasn't sure how to react so I just kinda was like hehe.. how do you know? She said one of her workmates was complaining to the big manager guy that the boss lady was giving her shit. He then told her something along the lines of oh it's probably just because of her sexuality and you and [my friend] have nice bodies. Yeah exactly WTF. He then goes to tell her that boss lady has mentioned to him that [my friend] and her workmate have big boobs. My friend tells me she feels violated. I wouldn't believe what her big manager boss guy says because he's a total tosser. He got kicked out out of one of the stores for perving on women through the security camera, I mean seriously he is probably just saying this shit so he can have his own dirty lesbian fantasy. Yeah that just pissed me off, oh and she said she just had "vibes" from boss lady that she was gay.. mm yeah real great gaydar..

Oh check these guys out, the song 'I Like Girls' is cute. And I have a thing for english accents.
Yes I like girls with accents who play guitar in bands and sing about liking girls too.


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Argh! That's aggrivating. I'd be a little annoyed with your friend right now, if I were you. But then, homophobic people just seem to be determined to find all the bad things about gays, so... what can you do. To her credit, though, if you're not out to her, you can't blame her too much. Close-mindedness is bad, but maybe she'd change her mind if she knew you (someone she loves and cares about) were gay? I hope so.

Sorry again. Hope she turns around. And yeah, that boss guy really isn't the most reliable source. I dunno if I'd believe it...

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I just seen Borat the other day,it was by far one of the funniest films I've seen in ages....It sucks about your friend being so homophobic.She might change her opinion about us queers when she finds out your gay,and lesbians aren't a bunch of freaks!One of my friends is real homophobic like that but its just ignorance.
Oh the song from the link is cool!

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