Mother problems

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Is it some type of anomally that i dont have a close relationship with my mother? I dont get it. Everyone around me is like omg I love my mother but I just dont feel that way. I want to get close with her I do but everytime I try to she says something to upset me and i get mad. For example I came out to her so I could stop lying and she said it was a phase. Then whenever she gets stuck on a question where she cant come up with an excuse she always says some mean thing about my dad or stepmom.Im not sure i love her. Its like because someone is your parent gives life to you your supposed to automatically love them. Or maybe im just being a bitch.What I want is a mom not a mother. Does that make sense? Im really close with my stepmom but its not the same.

Its going to be interesting moving back in with her.

Anyone have any suggestions? Ive been trying for years but my methods arent working.


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The fact that you're trying to be close to your biological mom shows that you love your mom. I guess you should ask her why is she treating you that way, or did you do something to make her become distant to you.

I guess children are 'automatically' love their parents, I mean they love their parents from the very start. But loving them can be unlearned through time, like when the child and the parent have some misunderstanding or something like that.

I guess what you can do is to try be polite and respect her, by not answering back whenever you have some disagreements, Or you can tell her what your point is without raising your voice. that way, you both wont get upset.

I know you are going to get close in time, because nothing can separate a child and a mom. ;)

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i sure didnt..

take into consideration that your an adult with your own mind and thoughts. Alot of parents dont like their children abandoning the prujudices they bestowed in their children when their children start beleiving in things on their own. So they still treat their adult children as children..

My parents disapproved of my "liberal" education and career selection. My mother said some real nasty shit to me. it was at that point that i said its my fucking life..thanks for bringing me into this world..but im taking over from here..

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im 14 lol and god help you

im 14 lol

and god help you if you are a pheonix
and you dare to rise up from the ash
a thousand eyes will smolder with jealousy
while you are just flying back