My sister...

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Okay, my mom took my little sister and went all the way to Florida, they've been there for about three months. Lame I know. Well, I spoke to my sister today... I asked her how school was...

Apparently the other kids are picking on her.

That's the last thing I wanted to happen to her. I was picked on when I was in that grade too. It sucks. Apparently this girl used to be her best friend but teases her now.

I want to cry. It's awful that she's going trough that. I don't want her to have to deal with what I did. I feel so useless, since even though I've been through the same thing, I couldn't think of any advice for her. I was alway told to "just ignore it" by teachers and monitors. If I hear that nobody's been helping her when I get down there I'm gonna go to that school and give them a peice of my mind. I seriously will.



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dfdRight On!Do What You Got

Right On!
Do What You Got To Do!!!

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Yeah, I was teased in

Yeah, I was teased in elementary school myself. It was awful. I have some advice for your sister, although it's probably not very good. I'd say for her to try to act confident around these people, and to act like they're not bothering her, even if they are. I know I didn't do that when I was being harassed, and it cost me a lot. Maybe if she pretends it's not really hurting her, the other kids will get bored and move on to some other kid. She doesn't have to act stone cold all the time; she can go ahead and break down in private, but around these other kids she should try to pretend as though all of their remarks are bouncing off of her. I remember that some of my classmates (at least, some of the worst ones) really enjoyed seeing me when I felt hurt. If she doesn't look like it hurt when they tease her, then they might stop. I know this is easier said than done, which is why I said this advice is probably not that great. And if this doesn't work, she needs to bring in your parents. That is another thing I didn't do, but if I had, my parents probably could have bullied my teachers into getting the other kids to semi-respect me.

Good luck! I hope your sister has a better time at school soon!

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