Oasis now has a search feature.

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One of the features I've always wanted for Oasis was a search box, so that you could more easily find that post you recalled seeing, but couldn't quite remember who wrote it, or when it was written.

Now I'm not saying that the search functionaliy will rival that of google, but it does sometimes provide more accurate results, considering it doesn't have to worry about indexing the rest of the internet.

In the near future, user profiles will also become searchable.


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To be clear...

I want to make sure that it is clear that your user profiles will be searchable to registered Oasis users, but that same information (with your AIM screenname, MySpace URLs, etc.) will NOT be able to be indexed by the search engines like Google, etc.

I'm a total myspace whore (and by whore, I mean I use it to sleep with people, I'm not on it often), so ADD ME AS A FRIEND

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what jeff said =)