shit happens, I guess...

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The weeks just keeps getting better and better...sunday was my 16th birthday. I spent it laying around the house, doing nothing, because my best friend moved about 7 weeks ago and I never see her and all my other friends were busy...spent the day fighting with my mom...and today, I get home from school, and my stepdad starts a fight with me and refers to me as an "ungrateful cocksucker" sure are going great...


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awwwww, muffin! sorry ur birt

awwwww, muffin! sorry ur birthday sucked so hard. well, happy belated birthday :o) ur stepdad sounds like a bit of an asshole... just try to ignore him and bide ur time till u can move out of the house. thats what i do when my parents get on my case. BTW, does ur step-dad know u like girls? because if he doesn't, then the next time he calls u a "cocksucker" u can be like "NO, actually, i'm PUSSYSUCKER" LOL... :o) take it easy and feel better hun.

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I think his step-dad was right...

lol. Sorry bout your birthday man, 16 is supposed to be one of the best...the rite of passage associated w/ it lost a lot of value for me before i turned 16, so I really didn't enjoy my 16th either....that sux though. sorry ur friend moved. happy birthday!

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Actually, stepdad doe

Actually, stepdad doesn't know that I like girls...because I don't...I'm a guy...and he knows that I'm gay, making it all the more painful.

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HEY man, sorry, totally didn

HEY man, sorry, totally didnt realize u were a dude... anyway, guess ur stepdad was right about u liking the cock, not that there's anything WRONG with that!!! LOL... im sure he's sucked a cock at least once in his life... he's prolly just not willing to admit it :o) stay groovy~