Something in the Way...

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I should be studying but here I am on oasis instead so I figured I'd make a journal entry.I was talking to
one of my friends last night.We have been friends literally since we were babies.So we know each other
fairly well I think:P.Well anyways,we were just chatting about what we have been doing lately and stuff.Then
she was talking about this guy she works with who is really camp.She was just saying he is really cool and
funny.So then it popped into my head to mention that I'm going to a gay bar with some of my other friends.
Kind of just to see what she would say.I have never thought of her as being homophobic or anything. I
actually am never really sure of how she would react to me being gay, I have always found it hard to judge.
But her reaction when I said I was going to the bar sort of surprised me.I said it and she replied "Oh cool
I'm really happy for you", I can't describe it but it was something in the tone of her voice made me think
she might be catching on to my little secret, and not like in a bad way.It was half matter of factly,half
wow I'm happy your doing that.I don't know it was weird.

I have dropped hints before about my sexuality.Not really on purpose,but I guess when people know each other
so well they pick these things up.We grew up together and all through our teens she had loads of big crushes
and I never had any that I mentioned.There are just loads of other little things I know she has noticed.
I don't know maybe I'm being paranoid.It was just somthing in the way she said it made me do a double take.
Anyways that was probably a fairly pointless entry but its just been playing on my mind a little since.


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It sounds like she knows and seems genuinely happy for you about it but by not making it a big deal either. That's really cool!